LITE Conference 2016

LITE 2016 Roundup – Day 2

Let there be LITE! The final day of LITE 2016, the UK’s biggest EdTech event, rounded out 2 days of Learning, Innovation, Technology and Evolution in spectacular style. Day 1 was a tough act to follow, but Day 2 delivered, with fantastic keynote speakers, wonderful workshops, support sessions-a-plenty and the culmination of our Twitter and DOOM competitions!

Olivia Giles, The Challenges and Opportunities of Change

Olivia Giles LITE 2016

Olivia Giles, the incredibly inspirational founder of charity 500 Miles, started Day 2 by reminding us to make the most of the opportunities that come from change. In her case, a life changing illness, meningitis, resulted in her hands and feet being amputated 14 years ago. With an abundance of vigour and positivity, she told the audience that despite her situation, she considered herself fortunate that doctors were able to save her knees and elbows and that it was the “most informative and rewarding experience of my life”. Olivia has perhaps tackled the most challenging learning that a human can undertake; almost everything about her life had to be learned afresh.

Relaying the Serenity Prayer from American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, she outlined her three conclusions as to how you can master the monumental challenges and opportunities of change;

  1. This life is far too precious not to have the courage to make the most of it.
  2. Change has the power to make us achieve something more than we thought we could.
  3. If you do decide to change something, you have to be completely true to yourself.

The takeaway message was abundantly clear; treat every single day on this planet as a bonus. As Olivia suggests, “this life is not a dress rehearsal”! Take those chances and opportunities when they come along and importantly, let’s all share a passion for human kind, a sentiment echoed by Administrate’s desire to create ‘The Ultimate Human Organisation’.

Olivia also discussed the work she’s undertaken in setting up the fantastic charity, 500 Miles, along with her vision for its future. It’s all centred around giving very worthy individuals the opportunity of a second chance, like that she had herself.

The applause that followed Olivia’s talk echoed amidst the rafters of Assembly Roxy for quite some time.

Olivia Giles LITE 2016

Kevin Streater, How Administrate Changed our Training Business

Longstanding Administrate customer, Kevin Streater of ForgeRock, took to the stage next, sharing how Administrate has changed their training business.

Kevin Streater LITE 2016

After introducing ForgeRock and their fantastic growth and company vision, Kevin went on to share some fascinating statistics on ‘Global Trends Supporting Growth through Digital Transformation’, before describing the importance of customer engagement.

ForgeRock Stats

Kevin’s talk also focused on why a Training Management System (TMS) should be right at the center of your entire training operation. Perhaps we’re a little biased, but we’re inclined to agree!

ForgeRock LITE 2016

Finally, Kevin detailed how Administrate has helped ForgeRock scale their training business… something we like to call, The Administrate Effect!

Kevin ForgeRock

Suzanne Doyle-Morris, Innovations in Blended Learning

Suzanne Doyle-Morris was next up, taking us on her entertaining journey from 80’s videogames to present day and her work at InclusIQ. We heard that the motivator for registering her very first email address wasn’t the result of a passion for technology, but rather a desire to woo a first love! As she put it, her #shamefulfeministsecret!

Suzanne continued to discuss how technology is a solution for solving the problems we see in day to day life, facilitating scalable social change, blended learning and gamification.

Finally, one of many great takeaways from Suzanne’s talk related to why employees might move on from your organisation – wise words.

Mike McGrail, The Importance of Personas in Understanding your Customer

Administrate’s kilted Marketing Director, Mike McGrail followed, introducing the LITE 2016 crowd to our very own customer personas; James, Rebecca, Jan, Paul and the rest of the gang!

Mike then talked through the how and why behind Administrate’s creation of personas, along with the importance of the DMU (Decision Making Unit) when it comes to marketing. He wrapped up by discussing how our personas feed into our blog content production!

Dr Kathryn Waite, Digital Empowerment

Next it was the turn of Dr Kathryn Waite of Heriot-Watt University to take the stage, discussing digital empowerment and disco naps!

In what was a very well received talk, detailing extensive research from Heriot-Watt University, we heard the cautionary point that “digital empowerment gives greater control but it comes with greater responsibility too”. And it’s a super hero!

Kasper Spiro, User Generated Content: the Next Trend

The penultimate speaker of Day 2 was well respected elearning expert, blogger and founder of Easygenerator, Kasper Spiro.

Kasper reminded us of the importance of learning through experience, explaining the 70:20:10 approach to a captivated audience, before outlining a shift from ‘top down’ to ‘bottom up’ learning through UGC (User Generated Content).

Other great takeaways from Kasper’s talk included:

Graeme Obree, Reaching for the Stars

Finally it was the turn of much anticipated speaker, world record holding cycling legend, Graeme Obree. Assembly Roxy was near silent as a fascinated crowd heard Graeme share a candid account of his incredible journey.

Graeme’s enthusiastic talk was rife with inspirational quotes, here’s a selection of our favourites:

As LITE 2016 drew to a close, Graeme’s inspiring messages rang in the ears of attendees as they joined the post-conference evening party;

  • Don’t let fear run your life.
  • Deal with discontentment.
  • Aim to break those ‘unbreakable’ records.
  • Comfort zones are really quite uncomfortable.
  • Success can actually be a barrier to your own progression.
  • Get on and “ride it like it’s the first time”.

Best Tweet competition

We struggled to keep track of all the Twitter love, even trending in Edinburgh during the conference! It was a difficult choice but our LITE 2016 Twitter competition winner was…

Inspired by Day 1 opening speaker, Gavin Oattes, attendees were set ‘homework’ of wrapping themselves up in their duvets and shouting ‘I am a sausage roll’, a reminder of the importance of letting loose and having fun learning! Paul and Matthew from TSW Training‘s fantastic Tweet was the sheer embodiment of this! #iamasausageroll

DOOM Tournament Winner

Our fan-fragging-tastic DOOM tournament, in honour of Day 1 keynote speaker John Romero, also came to a close during Day 2. Kill counts were totalled and the winner was…

ARJEN from ForgeRock! Congratulations Arjen!

The Soundtrack of LITE 2016

A few people asked if they could get hold of the playlists for the conference – Spotify lists for both days can be found below!

Day 1

Day 2

Finally, a Huge Thanks…

…to our spectacular sponsors!







…to our super suppliers!

LITE 2016 Suppliers

…and of course, to you!

We hope that your 2 days were filled with Learning, Innovation, Technology, Evolution and, as our first speaker on Day 1 Gavin Oattes, reminded us… fun!