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LITE Conference 2015

LITE 2016 – Meet the Speakers Part 1

As the summer progresses in a blur of sport, politics and fun in the ‘sun’, we’re getting increasingly excited about LITE 2016 (Edinburgh, Sept 22-23) at Administrate HQ! LITE is our annual conference, launched last year with the aim of bringing together people from across the learning and training spectrum for two days of inspiration, education and networking. The conference features brilliant keynotes that will appeal to all and workshops that immerse attendees in the Administrate product. The lineup of speakers is diverse, with each having something unique to offer our audience. This is the first in a series of posts showcasing the individuals that will be taking the stage at LITE 2016.

Speaker – Graeme Obree, Record-breaking Cycling Legend

Graeme Obree

Graeme Obree, aka, ‘The Flying Scotsman’, a name given to him after he broke the world ‘hour record‘ not once, but twice, is somewhat of a legend within the cycling world. He smashed that record in 1993 and 1994, and was individual pursuit world champion in 1993 and 1994. Graeme has never been one to conform with convention and his cycling position was often classed as ‘unusual’, he also built his own bike that featured parts of a washing machine, affectionately known as ‘Old Faithful’.

Jonny Lee Miller played Graeme in the movie ‘The Flying Scotsman’ and a recent documentary, ‘Battle Mountain’, showcased Graeme’s participation in the 2013 World Human Powered Speed Championships in Battle Mountain, Nevada. Fellow cycling legend, Chris Hoy said of Graeme:

“Graeme is a genius in the true sense of the word. His uncanny ability to tackle problems from an angle that no-one else could have thought of, makes him a one-off. An original. He sees the world in a different way to us mere mortals and comes up with ideas and solutions which make you laugh, shake your head and say ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’”

Graeme’s talk is titled ‘Reach for the Stars’ and will cover the need for extreme determination, the ability to handle adversity and why an adaptive approach is required to succeed in whatever your chosen path in life is.

Speaker – Olivia Giles OBE, Founder of Charity, 500 miles

Olivia Giles OBE

Olivia Giles is the founder of charity, 500 miles that launched in 2007 to help people with mobility difficulties and to give them a chance to live independent lives. The charity does incredible work in Malawi and Zambia, supplying prosthetic limbs to over 3500 disabled people. Olivia graduated in law from Glasgow University and until 2002 was a commercial property partner with Scottish law firm, Maclay Murray & Spens. That year she contracted the blood poisoning form of meningitis and as a result of which both of her lower legs and both of her lower arms had to be amputated. After months of rehabilitation she made a full recovery and is now fully mobile on prosthetic legs. Olivia was awarded an OBE in 2010 and the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award in 2015 for her charitable work.

Olivia will discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with change both in our personal and business lives. This promises to be inspirational and highly thought-provoking!

Speaker – Gavin Oattes, MD of Tree of Knowledge, Comedian and Children’s Author

Gavin Oattes

Gavin is an international keynote speaker, award winning comedian and children’s author. He spends a lot of his time speaking to business leaders within some of the world’s biggest brands, but his true inspiration comes from his roots as a primary school teacher. He firmly believes that adults can be just as inspired by kids as kids are by grown-ups. The training business Gavin leads, Tree of Knowledge (TOK) has inspired thousands of school children across the UK and beyond. His talk will take you back to when you were five years old, when you embraced everything and feared nothing. You’ll definitely laugh, possibly cry and you’ll certainly never eat broccoli in the same way again. Prepare to be seriously inspired!

“The rock star of inspirational speaking”

– Aberdeen City Council

Over to you!

I hope that’s whet your appetite for LITE 2016! You can discover more of our speakers here and info on our workshops here (attendees have access to over £2000 worth of training each!). The conference takes place in Edinburgh on September 22-23, 2016.

Tickets are on sale now at the earlybird price of £99, or buy 3 for 2 tickets and bring your colleagues to Edinburgh for LITE 2016. Buy here! 

Find out what LITE 2015 attendees loved about the event below.

“It’s a different type of conference. It’s not the normal sterile affair, and I think that’s appealing” – David Bowie, Blackford Analysis

Edinburgh Castle

Why You Need to be at LITE 2016

“It’s a different type of conference. It’s not the normal sterile affair, and I think that’s appealing”
– David Bowie, Blackford Analysis

Last year saw us welcome more than 200 Administrate customers to Edinburgh for the first LITE conference, and we’re very excited to be putting an even bigger and better event in 2016 (Sept 22-23)! Our aim in 2015 was to create a conference that:

  • Brought together professionals from across the learning and training spectrum
  • Created the opportunity for knowledge sharing and networking
  • Delivered a huge dose of inspiration and learning
  • Offered immersion in the Administrate product

We believe we matched those aims and then some! Don’t take our word for it though – watch the video below and hear why our 2015 attendees enjoyed the LITE experience.

Don’t Miss LITE 2016

Come to Edinburgh on September 22-23 for LITE 2016, you don’t want to miss:

– Incredible keynote talks from Graeme Obree (world record smashing cyclist), Gavin Oattes (the ‘rockstar’ of inspirational speaking), Kasper Spiro (EdTech industry powerhouse) and many more!

“The topics are so relevant, even if you’re not a training provider” – David Bowie, Blackford Analytics

– Face-to-face training on the Administrate product from members of our team and selected customers.

“The training delivered via the workshops was very useful – you can’t beat face-to-face learning” – Bob Sabra, Morgan International 

– Evening networking events that put other conferences to shame.

“It’s like we’re having a party, but learning at the same time” – Nicholas Aitalegbe, CRID

And new for LITE 2016 – one-to-one clinics with our expert team! Sit down with an Administrate team member and receive focussed training.

Bring a Colleague

The two days of LITE 2016 are jam-packed! We suggest that at least two of your team attend, that way, you can go to more sessions and share the knowledge you glean with your colleagues back at the office.

Enjoy Edinburgh!

LITE 2016 takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city and the Administrate HQ. Our offices sit alongside the iconic Edinburgh Castle, located in the heart of the city and surrounded by the stunning Princes Street Gardens. The city is steeped in centuries of history, which provides an amazing backdrop for anyone visiting the city. Our venue, the Roxy is a converted church – true Edinburgh style! There’s plenty of restaurants and cafes for you to sample the local fare, cozy pubs tucked down the narrow winding streets and hundreds of visitor attractions dotted around the city. Make sure you have time to take in all Edinburgh has to offer while you’re here for LITE 2016!

Book Now!

There’s so much value on offer for LITE 2016 attendees and we’re proud to be delivering the UK’s biggest EdTech conference. We’d love for you to be a part of it, so grab early bird tickets for only £99 (ex VAT) while they last!

Got any questions? Feel free to email us.

LITE Conference 2015

LITE 2015 Roundup – Day 2

Yesterday we took a look back at the amazing first day of LITE 2015, Administrate’s first user conference, held in the beautiful Assembly Roxy. Today we’re focussing on the second day of the conference, as we lined up our second set of amazing speakers, before finishing the whole event off with a party in the Administrate offices.

Administrate Learning Workshops

LITE 2015

As well as our superb line-up of speakers, both days of LITE 2015 also featured a series of Administrate Learning Workshops. These were designed to give current and future Administrate customers a further insight into our product, as well as get some time to meet the Administrate team and ask them any questions they might have.

These sessions were a huge success, and definitely something that we’ll look to do more of at LITE in the future.


LITE 2015

We were also joined by some amazing companies running booths in the main hall of LITE 2015. As well as Administrate offering demos and giving attendees the chance to ask questions, we also had Stipso and allthings booths for attendees to pursue between speeches.

Keynote Speech – The Road Ahead by John Peebles

LITE 2015

Opening our second day was Administrate CEO John Peebles with our second keynote speech, The Road Ahead. In his presentation John looked ahead to what was to come for both Administrate and the training industry as a whole.

Panel Session – Growth: The Challenges and Successes by Richard Cassidy

LITE 2015

In a change to our printed schedule, Administrate’s Sales Director Richard Cassidy lead a panel of industry experts on the topic of growth. Richard was joined by Mike Christie of PwC Academy, Erin Moore of NSF, Tara Brodie of Longview Solutions, Amanda Selvaratnam of University of York, and Kevin Streater of ForgeRock.

Our Product Roadmap and Q&A With Our Product Team by Administrate

LITE 2015

In another last minute change, our Administrate Learning Workshop was moved downstairs into the main hall so no one in the audience had to miss out. The Administrate team, lead by John Peebles, discussed our roadmap for the future, as well as giving the audience the chance to ask our product team lots of questions.

Startup to Global Training Provider in Three Easy Steps! by Kevin Streater

LITE 2015


Our first speech of the afternoon saw Kevin Streater, Director, Global Sales Training at ForgeRock talk about how to progress your business to a global scale. Kevin explained how ForgeRock has grown massively in recent years, as well as closing the session with a demo of how they use Administrate to organise their business.

Empower Your Organisation to Author More Effective eLearning, Faster by Steve Penfold

LITE 2015


Our second last presentation of the day was Steve Penfold, Customer Success Director at Elucidat, talking about how to create effective eLearning content. Steve also got the audience involved by showcasing an example of eLearning and asking them to judge whether it was engaging or not.

The SEO Evolution by Mike McGrail

LITE 2015

Our final speech of the day was from Edinburgh based Mike McGrail, Digital Marketing Director at Velocity Digital. Mike guided us through the evolution of SEO and how you can use it more effectively within your business.

Tweet of the Day Winner

LITE 2015

During both days of LITE 2015 we ran a best tweet competition, where attendees tweeting us @LITEConf using the hashtag #LITE2015 could win a bottle of whisky, or Irn Bru, for the best or funniest tweet. Our second winner was Daisy Parker, who definitely appreciated our lights and music!

Edinburgh Guided Tour

The first social event to close LITE 2015 was a guided tour of Edinburgh’s Old Town, starting off from the Assembly Roxy and finishing off at the Administrate office just in time of our after party. The tour took attendees to the Old College, Edinburgh’s most famous dog Greyfriars Bobby, Greyfriars Kirkyard, and the site of the last public hanging in Edinburgh, before heading over to CodeBase to party the night away.

Administrate Party

To close out LITE 2015 in style, we held a party in our Administrate offices to give our attendees and the Administrate team a further chance to mingle over some nibbles and drinks.

LITE 2016!

LITE 2015

With LITE 2015 just over, we’re already getting into planning mode for LITE 2016! Come and join us for another two exciting days of learning, innovation, technology, and evolution on September 22-23 2016 at the Assembly Roxy! Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

LITE Conference 2015

LITE 2015 Roundup – Day 1

Last week was a very exciting time for the Administrate team, as we held our first ever user conference, LITE 2015. Held over two days in the spectacular Assembly Roxy in Edinburgh, LITE was designed to be two amazing days of learning, innovation, technology, and evolution.

Today we’re taking a look back at the first day of LITE 2015 and everything that went on, from our great speakers to our historic pub tour in the evening.

LITE 2015

LITE 2015

One thing that surprised all our attendees was the amazing atmosphere we created within LITE 2015. We wanted to make sure it wasn’t just another boring conference, and was something that nobody would forget in a hurry. From our very energetic opening video featuring P.O.D.’s Boom, our exciting light display, and our rock and roll playlist (mixed with just the right amount of cheesy pop), we certainly seemed to make a positive impression on everyone who was present! If you’re interested in the playlist we had on offer, you can check it out on Spotify.

Selling a Vision: Sales Techniques for Training Providers by Natasha Serafimovska

LITE 2015 Opening the very first day of LITE 2015 was Administrate’s very own Natasha Serafimovska giving us an insight into the sales process, and how training providers can best use sales techniques to sell their customers what they need. Natasha touched on how important it is to make sure you’re the best person to fit your potential customer’s needs, and how you need to make sure you build rapport and establish trust during the sales process to make sure your customers are as happy as possible.

Keynote Speech – A Faster Horse: Building Products in the Age of Social Media by Ed Molyneux

LITE 2015

Our first keynote speech was from Ed Molyneux, Founder and CEO at FreeAgent. Ed tackled the question of whether the customer is always actually right, and how important their role is in the product design process considering how quickly companies now release and improve their products.

Our Experience and How Administrate Supported Us to Evolve by Bob Sabra

LITE 2015

Closing out the first morning we had Bob Sabra, Head of Digital Business from Morgan International. A longtime customer of Administrate, Bob highlighted Morgan’s experience with Administrate over the years, including the many projects we’ve worked on together, as well as what the future holds for Morgan.

Building a Training Business Within an Education Organisation by Amanda Selvaratnam

LITE 2015

Our first presentation of the afternoon saw Amanda Selvaratnam and Anna Hastie from the University of York present on how they improved their customers’ experience. Their presentation dealt with how they implemented Administrate as their course management system to make sure they were meeting the needs of all their users and customers, and make sure their workflow was an organised as possible.

How to Stop Your Customers From Leaving You by Mark Copeman

LITE 2015

Possibly one of our most popular talk judging by the Twitter feed, Mark Copeman, Co-founder at Customer Thermometer shared with us his tips on customer retention. He stressed the importance of making a customer, and not just a sale, and how important it is to make sure you provide excellent support to your customers at all times.

Creating a Marketing Schedule by Steven Drost

LITE 2015

Next up we had fellow CodeBasers Stipso, with Steven Drost presenting on creating an effective marketing schedule. Steven highlighted how important it is to pile your resources into excellent, relevant content for inbound marketing, instead of using gimmicks.

Confessions of an Online Learning Designer by James McLuckie

LITE 2015

Our final speaker of the day was James McLuckie, Learning and Performance Solutions Director for GoodPractise. James confessed the sins of an online learning designer which many people may have been guilty of, and highlighted the best ways to make sure you don’t fall into these traps!

Tweet of the Day Winner

During both days of LITE 2015 we ran a best tweet competition, where attendees tweeting us @LITEConf using the hashtag #LITE2015 could win a bottle of whisky, or Irn Bru, for the best or funniest tweet. Our winner for the first day was Ross Boyce for his lovely comment on our opening theatrics.

The Historic Pub Tour

One of the highlights of Day 1 at LITE 2015 was the “Historic Pub Tour” down Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile, just a short walk from the venue. The Royal Mile, also known as  High Street, runs from the Edinburgh castle all the way down through the heart of Old Town to Holyrood Palace and the Scottish Parliament at the bottom. During the day, Administrate CEO John Peebles confessed from stage that he was forced by marketing to change the name from a “Pub Crawl” to an “Historic Pub Tour” which drew quite a bit of laughter from the audience. He also made sure to warn those from out of time to be careful about matching Scots drink-for-drink!  At the end of the first day, we divided into two groups and started at opposite ends on the Royal Mile – one from The Ensign Ewert pub at the top of the Royal Mile, and the other from The World’s End pub about halfway down. It was really cool to see each pub packed out with people wearing their LITE badges and there were loads of Administrate team members mixing with the attendees. Many of the team members lent their considerable knowledge of topics such as a British Ales, beers, gin, and of course Scotch whisky to make sure visitors got a great taste of all the amazing local beverage offerings. Not everyone was drinking either! All of the pubs we visited offered up a great variety of artisanal sodas, juices, and tonic waters along with a choice of plenty of non-alcoholic cocktails.  Over the next few hours, the two groups wound their way towards each other until they met up in The Albanach pub (which means Scotsman in Scottish Gaelic) and everyone decided it was probably time to order food! Fish and chips, Haggis Balls (unanimously enjoyed by visitors despite their initial reluctance), and burgers were all ordered and consumed with enthusiasm.  Everyone agreed it was an amazing tour!

Stay tuned for our Day 2 roundup post tomorrow!