Let There Be LITE!

Now in its sixth year, LITE 2020 is a two-day user conference packed with exciting sessions to help Administrate customers and provide insight to those in the learning and training industry.

Keynote Speakers

Both days will feature keynote speakers from industry experts. Watch our speaker talks from previous years here.

Expert Sessions

LITE is jam-packed with informative sessions featuring industry trends and Administrate-focussed sessions.

One-on-One Customer Sessions

Need some one-to-one time with the Administrate team? Book a session with us to get the personalised help you need!


LITE is great chance to network with industry peers and get to know the Administrate team a little bit better.

Get Social

Join us for some fun evening events, including our historic pub tour at some of Edinburgh’s best pubs.

Explore Edinburgh

LITE 2020 takes place in the heart of Edinburgh, so take some time to explore our beautiful city while you’re here.

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LITE 2020 Schedule

We're adding to the LITE 2020 schedule all the time. Keep your eyes peeled for the full schedule.

Terry Woods & Nate Smith

How do you stand out in the crowd and differentiate your training from your competitors while filling up your sales pipeline? What if you could empower your customers to buy more training without adding additional cost to your operation? In this workshop, Terry and Nate will show you real-world examples of how you implement this yourself.

Gilles Benyon-Bell & Craig Lynagh

How many whiteboards, spreadsheets, or expensive meetings do you have in order to make sure your resources are at the right place at the right time? What is the cost of booking out and powering up that expensive equipment or facility, but not using it? No matter what resources you’re managing, Gilles and Craig will show you the pitfalls of not managing your resources effectively. They’ll also show you how Administrate’s new Calendar and Resource Utilization tool can help kill those spreadsheets and expensive meetings and simplify reporting resource ROI.

Natasha Serafimovska & Nate Smith

Who doesn’t love to show off what they’ve achieved? How important are achievements to customer retention and repeat bookings? Within the world of training, increasing enrollment and satisfaction shouldn’t end with your Marketing team or with your instructors. Instead, learn how to get all of your learners spreading the word about your business and what they’ve achieved! Natasha and Nate will take you through a slew of industry best practices to help you stand out from the crowd.

Our Speakers

LITE brings together an exciting range of speakers from across the training and development industry, as well as internal speaker speakers from our amazing Administrate team. Our speakers for LITE 2020 will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

LITE 2020 Venue

LITE 2020 will take place in CodeBase, the UK’s largest start-up incubator, which is home to over 100 of the country’s best technology companies, including Administrate!